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The list

AGENDA will show you by default all our agenda items for the coming week, grouped by day. To see more, you can scroll up and down. The list will be automatically refreshed.

Just like COMING UP, every agenda item will state whether Belga is going to cover it in T(ext), P(icture) or V(ideo). You can recognise the icons. A hover with your mouse will show more information about the coverage when it’s available.

A yellow label indicates the updated items.

Click to see the complete content of an item.

The detail

By clicking an item in the list, you can see the full content of that item.

When available, extra related documents (for example the invitation for a press conference), useful links or a map are shown here.

Via the navigation you can easily browse to the previous or next item.

You can PRINT, E-MAIL an article or generate a LINK to this agenda item by using the action buttons in the bar above the article detail.

If you have any questions about this item, you can ask a QUESTION using the button.

Click on the X-icon to close the item.

Agenda filter

The AGENDA filter allows you to filter the feed to your needs.

You can filter on keyword, language, region, news desk or coverage type.

For search queries, use our search module.

When you are looking for specific information or a specific item, use the search.

More information about our search engine can be found in the chapter ‘search’ of this manual.

Updated on 03/02/2017

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